Ideas and good practices for development

ARCO is an action research lab founded in 2008 by professors of the University of Florence and professionals of the consultancy company LAMA.

ARCO action-researches aim at achieving impact on society. That is why ARCO supports public authorities and private organizations in promoting local development and community empowerment.

ARCO’s methodologies are the result of the continuous interaction between academic rigour and the practical knowledge drawn by field missions and consultancy activity.

ARCO organizes its works with flexibility and using highly skilled  teams in order to provide to its clients and partners the knowledge and instruments they need for their strategies and activities.

The Scientific Director of ARCO Lab is Prof. Mario Biggeri, Department of Economics, University of Florence.

ARCO is divided in four strategic units. Each strategic unit is made by dedicated and highly qualified human resources. All units work both at national and international level:

Impact Evaluation Unit: performs impact evaluations of programs and projects
Local Development Unit: performs research and consultancy on Human and Local development projects
Social Economy Unit: performs research and consultancy on Third Sector and Social Innovation
Inclusive Development: performs research and consultancy  on groups which are at risk of being excluded by development processes

Together with providing studies and consultancies to public and private organizations, ARCO is also involved in academic researches on human development and the capability approach, which represents the theoretical basis of many of the activities performed by the lab.

ARCO’s team believes that only through a careful analysis of social and cultural variables – as well as the economic ones – it is possible to plan co-development interventions that have a positive impact on the individuals and the communities 

For further information, please download our brochure: ARCO Lab_brochure

Info and contacts:

Laboratorio ARCO
c/o PIN – Servizi didattici e scientifici per l’Università di Firenze
Polo Universitario “Città di Prato”
Piazza Giovanni Ciardi, 25
59100 Prato (PO) – Italy
Tel: + 39 0574 602500

Mail: info[at]