ARCO and EFESEIIS at EAEPE – Conference 2015

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    The 27th Annual Conference of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy” target (EAEPE) was held in Genova, Italy, from 17th to 19th of September, 2015.

    This year the theme of the conference, entitled “A new role for the financial system”, was focused on reforming the financial system in order to divert resources from speculative activities to productive investments able to foster smart, sustainable and inclusive societies.
    Within the general theme, the conference consisted on the contributions of the 22 EAEPE research areas.

    Prof. Mario Biggeri, Dr. Marco Bellucci, and Dr. Andrea Ferrannini participated to the event presenting the following papers:

    – Biggeri M., Testi E., Bellucci M., Franchi S., Manetti G. and Bagnoli L. “A historical overview of social enterprises in Italy and prospects for reforms”, which represents one of the results of EFESEIIS project’s national reports, within the research area “Co-operative economy and collective ownership”;

    – Biggeri, M., Ferrannini, A., Lombardi, M., e Macchi, M. “The evolution of clusters as complex adaptive systems: a multi-dimensional and multi-layered framework”, within the special session “Structuration processes in complex systems”.

    The conference provided a relevant opportunity for exchanging ideas and results in both theoretical and empirical research.

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