29 dicembre 2015 Carmela

ARCO and UNIFI at “c.MET05 Research-Meeting”

On 9th December, Andrea Ferrannini represented ARCO and University of Florence at the 1st c.MET05- Research Meeting “Political Economy, International Industry, Industrial Policy” organized in the city of Ferrara.

“c.MET05 Research Meetings” are opportunities for dialogue and exchange of views among a limited number of researchers who intend to develop a common path of analysis and scientific production related to the typical topics of the c.MET05 network: industry and industrial policy, development, firm and territorial internationalization. Researchers with similar scientific interests meet to discuss ideas, perspectives, methodologies, and research lines of common interest in order to develop joint research paths. Nevertheless, with the same goals, the Meetings also aim to encourage the involvement of researchers with different, specialized and complementary backgrounds. Finally, the presence of a mix of senior and junior scholars coming from different universities and territories is considered one of the strength of these research-oriented reunions that are by definition inspired by what happens “in the real world”.

In particular, Andrea Ferrannini provided our contribution to the debate “On the Political Economy Perspective: the Crisis, the Government and the Markets” after the keynote lecture given by Alfredo Saad Fiho (SOAS), as well as during the debate about a common research agenda of cMET05. 

For the full program and pictures of the meeting, please visit www.cmet05.it/research-meeting