ARCO Lab at DISCIT Training Session on life-course interviews

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Mr. Andrea Ferrannini, on behalf of ARCO team, participated at the DISCIT Training Session on life-course interviews, which was held at the Swiss Paraplegic Research in Nottwil (Switzerland) on April 7 and 8, 2014.

DISCIT (a 7FP funded research project) aims to produce new knowledge enabling Member States, affiliated European countries and the European Union to achieve full and effective participation of persons with disabilities in society and the economy.

This training event prepared the interviewers for the semi-structured life-course interviews that are the core tasks of Work Packages 4,5,6 and 7 of DISCIT. The overall aim was to ensure that all interviewers are fully aware of the theoretical construct of Active Citizenship and so the rationale for the life-course interviews.
The training worked through the draft interview guide in detail, theme by theme, and reached agreement on each theme and subtheme related to aspects of the conceptualisation of Active Citizenship in DISCIT as well as the factors that can hinder or promoting the exercise of Active Citizenship for persons with disabilities. In addition, interviewers were sensitised to opportunities for asking follow-up questions or probe for elaborations and aware of potential challenges and pitfalls. Practical exercises were conducted in which participants acted as interviewee and interviewer with the rest of the others as observers and evaluators.

16 participants from the 9 different country teams participating in the project’s consortium took part at the training session, which was kindly hosted by the Swiss Paraplegic Research in Nottwil.

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