ARCO represents Florence in the international network of Inclusive Cities

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Meetig Bradford Which are the challenges to develop an Inclusive City Agenda? What defines an inclusive city? What is the role of technology in enhancing inclusiveness? It is around these research questions that an international network on inclusive cities was set up in Bradford last week under the coordination of Prof. Prathivadi Anand from the University of Bradford. The 6 cities that are part of this collaborative network are: Florence, Kumasi (Ghana), Bradford (UK), Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Chennai (India), and Porto Alegre (Brazil). The city of Florence was represented by ARCO Lab.
During the meeting, each representative gave an overview of the challenges that the cities meet in becoming smart and inclusive. Researchers from ARCO Lab presented the progresses, the weaknesses and challenges of Florence in terms of mobility, social inclusion, smart economy, governance, and environment.
All the researchers and representatives were also warmly welcomed by Cllr Geoff Reid, the Lord Mayor of Bradford who expressed the support of the Municipality toward this network and the related upcoming research.
At the end of the meeting, all the participants of the network participated to the International Symposium on Smart and Compassionate Cities, where – among the others – Prof. Rudolf Giffinger (University of Wien) presented the most recent initiatives on smart cities, Prof. Robin Hambleton (University of Bristol) debated on political leadership of inclusive cities, and Prof Allan Kellehear (University of Bradford) presented the definition of compassionate cities.

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