Beginning of FP7 research project “Enabling the Flourishing and Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship for Innovative and Inclusive Societies”

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On the 1st of December 2013 the European 7th Framework research project titled, Enabling the Flourishing and Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship for Innovative and Inclusive Societies (EFESEIIS) officially started.

PIN S.c.r.l.and its research lab ARCO along with the Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence are leading a consortium of eleven European universities, research centers and hubs with the objective of investigating the Social Entrepreneurship phenomenon from a historical and evolutionary perspective in order to analyze the features of an enabling eco-system for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.

In recent years the importance of Social Enterprise and Social Innovation has grown. This can be attributed to their capability of complementing public policy measures as well as playing an active role in social inclusion processes.

The three year project, has four main objectives:

1) To construct an evolutionary theory of Social Entrepreneurship. Social Entrepreneurship has developed in different ways across Europe. This objective aims to construct a theory that explains these differences, taking into account the history and trends of Social Entrepreneurship and how social entrepreneurship and institutions co-evolved over time.

 2) To identify the features of an “Enabling Eco-System for Social Entrepreneurship”. The research will identify the conditions under which Social Enterprises can contribute effectively and efficiently to build an inclusive and innovative society and will lead to a database of good practices.

 3) To identify the “New Generation” of Social Entrepreneurs. The new generation of social enterprises, emerged in the last five years, requires to be better understood in terms of its features, needs and constraints as well as its contribution to Social Innovation in order to harness its potential to policy making and for other stakeholders such as financial institutions and support organizations.

4) To provide advice to stakeholders. The project targets policymakers both at a European, national and local level as well as banks and other organizations such as chambers of commerce, associations of entrepreneurs and  local development agencies. Every stakeholder will be provided with advice on how to draft policies and services to foster Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.

The project partnership is formed by PIN S.c.r.l. Servizi Didattici e Scientifici per l’Università di Firenze (Italy, project leader), Münster University (Germany), University of Southern Denmark (Denmark), ALTERRA research institute (Netherlands), Glasgow Caledonian University (United Kingdom), FREN (Fondacija za Razvoj Ekonomske Nauke, Serbia), University of Northampton (United Kingdom), University of Warsaw (Poland), THE HUB Gmbh (Austria), Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (France), Promoting Social Business (Albania).

The EFESEIIS kick-off meeting will be held in Florence on the 12-13th of February 2014.

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