Innovative cartoons to foster civic awareness among entrepreneurs

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“Molly the entrepreneur” is the main character of the cartoons realized for the FACE project (Formazione, Autovalutazione e Consulenza per l’Emersione) as part of the several tools designed to support local entrepreneurs in Prato to comply with legal requirements for firms’ management.

The videos, both in Italian and Chinese, last around 30 seconds giving clear and easily understood messages and they can be easily spread through social networks. Due to their characteristics, they have appeared as highly innovative not only in the local context but also at the national level in Italy.

The three episodes of the cartoons promote good practices of firms’ management on some of the most critical issues especially for ethnic entrepreneurs: conformity and maintenance of electric plants; waste management; dedicated spaces for food consumption at the workplace.
Our researchers had the idea of using cartoons to foster civic awareness among local entrepreneurs inspired by the use of similar videos in China to spread public information.

The cartoons were realized by a multicultural and multidisciplinary team: idea and storyboards by Leonardo Borsacchi and Andrea Ferrannini, character design and animation by Liu Siyuan, text adaptation and translation by Ilaria Mundula and Guang Yang.

Cartoon on recycling bin

Molly and the recycling bin
(uff. stampa della Provincia di Prato)

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