Efficiency Measurement

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How is it possible to measure the performance of operational units (sections, point of sale, laboratories, public offices, etc) in order to identify possibilities for improvements and sources of inefficiency?

Applying the DEA methodology (Data Envelopment Analysis) it is possible to compare, in short time and with few resources, the results and the efficiency (multidimensional, social and environmental, as well as economic) of actors or organizations in accordance with a series of inputs (e.g. working hours, retail space, etc.) and outputs (e.g. number of practices sold, sales volume, etc.), identifying the most efficient practices.

Most recent publication on the topic: Bellucci, M., Bagnoli, L., Biggeri, M., and Rinaldi, V. (2012). “Performance Measurement In Solidarity Economy Organizations: The Case Of Fair Trade Shops In Italy.” Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics 83(1): 25-59.

For more information: Marco Bellucci, Coordinator of the Social Economy Unit, marco.bellucci@pin.unifi.it

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