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A SROI analysis reveals the social value generated by “Albergo Etico”

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The Download Method is a method based on experience and observation, aiming at fostering social and work inclusion. Moving from the method the “Albergo Etico” project was developed, becoming reality in 2015. “Albergo Etico” is a hotel run by “Cooperativa Download”, it was born to support kids affected by Down syndrome through a path of professional and personal growth.

From November 2018 to April 2019 we carried out a SROI analysis to measure the social and economic value generated by “Cooperativa Download” with a focus on the “Download method” and “Albergo Etico” in Asti with a preliminary assessment on the future effects of the hotel in Rome and in Pistoia.

The methodology

Social impact has received an increasing attention in the last years: third sector organizations showed their interest in evaluating and communicating the impact of their activities. Within this context, the SROI (Social Return on Investment) analysis measures the economic, social and environmental return of the activities of an organization on the direct beneficiaries and the community through an innovative participatory methodology.

The SROI method establishes a connection between the investment and the achievements of the organization, providing a measure of the return generated.

History and mission

The “Albergo Etico” project was born in 2006 thanks to the meeting between Antonio and Egidio De Benedetto, managers of the “Tacabanda” restaurant, and Niccolò, a student with Down syndrome doing an internship at the restaurant. The De Benedetto brothers  understood the potential of Niccolò and began to support him in the discovery of his talents. This was the first of a long series of internships that have been carried out at the Tacabanda restaurant and that led to the creation of the Download Method.

The De Benedetto brothers then develop the idea to transform this experience into a hotel to help the kids in a longer and deeper journey towards autonomy and growth. The hotel/restaurant provides not only a professional training, but also a basic life skills training: boys and girls learn to take care of themselves, of private and collective spaces, to interact with other people and to face unexpected events.

With Alex Toselli joining the group and the funding from the Vodafone Italia Foundation, in 2015 the first Albergo Etico opened its doors in Asti.

The steps

The research process was composed of several steps. After a preliminary identification of the organizational structure of Albergo Etico, we moved on to the mapping of the activities and the stakeholders (young people with disabilities, communities, families of children with disabilities, the Download Cooperative, members of the Cooperative, customers) of Albergo Etico Asti, Rome and Pistoia . Their involvement and the balance sheet analysis were used to monetize the inputs while the application of participatory methods helped with the mapping activity of the outputs and outcomes. Indicators and financial proxies were identified to monetize the results.

The social impact of “Albergo Etico” is…

The ratio between the monetary value of inputs and outcomes resulted in the SROI index, which in the case of Albergo Etico Asti is 3.72. This means that for each euro invested the social return is 3.72 euros. 5,11 and 5 are the forecast SROI indices for Rome and Pistoia.

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