Thursday October 17th, 2019 ARCO LAB

Azione a impatto – A workshop on Social Impact Evaluation

azione a impatto roma valutazione

ARCO Researchers participated to “Impact Action” an in-depth workshop organized by the programme SENT Social Enterprise and Legacoopsociali. The aim of the workshop was to study the methodologies and tools useful for designing, planning and monitoring new projects starting by focusing on the social impact that one intends to generate. The workshops aimed at expanding the training classes of the  2019 Summer School organized by Legacoopsociali in Florence in June. This is why  during practical works  participants have been divided into 8 groups that worked on the 8 project ideas defined during the summer classes.

ARCO’s M&E and Impact Evaluation and Social Economy Units have explained to participants the theory of change both through a theorical explanation and a pratical laboratory. In the second part of the day they illustrated  the different methods and tools necessary for the social impact assessment such as Social Network Analysis, Outcome Harvesting and SROI Analysis, Social Return on Investment.

The Florence Summer School entitled “Contemporanea” aimed at favoring the deepening of co-planning. The complexity of the social and economic articulation and the rapid change of needs require, today, coordnated  answers that can no longer be the fruit of the individual creation or the action by a single subject. Relationships and planning in partnership are fundamental to favor mutually beneficial cooperative behaviors and to build alliances that, even if born around a common planning, exceed the time of realization of the single intervention and are oriented to obtain results in the future by creating a shared strategy for take care of the communities.

Project SENT “Social Enterprise” is a two-year project, promoted by Legacoopsociali and co-financed by Coopfond spa, which was created with the aim of promoting a renewed vision of doing social cooperation by enhancing the value that characterizes the cooperative experience, identifying an effective strategic positioning of social cooperatives and of the Association in the new economic and social framework of the country and co-designing evolution paths that succeed in affirming social cooperation as the main player for the development of the Italian economy and social entrepreneurship.

azione a impatto workshop approfondimento formazione ARCO

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