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A training to foster social and economic inclusion in Mozambique

Within the framework of the PIN project, funded by AICS and led by AIFO, we conducted a training for three groups of young Mozambicans with disabilities in Maputo Beira and Pemba.

The long civil war in Mozambique, which lasted over a decade, caused a great number of people with disabilities, mainly due to the landmines left in the country. Furthermore, the destruction of infrastructures had a great impact on the health sector, so that treatable health issues and childbirth conditions still cause disability.

The project, in partnership with Terres des Hommes Italia and ISCOS, promotes the rights of people with disabilities, focusing on issues related to Education, Work and Information Technologies and Communication.

The training

The three groups of young people were trained to conduct a research on the access to the labor market: young people will interview 300 entrepreneurs, conduct focus groups with other young people with disabilities and interview the staff of vocational training centers.

For all the activities we collaborated with FAMOD, the Mozambican forum of organizations of people with disabilities. Theoretical elements on emancipatory research, how to write a questionnaire, data entry and focus group conduction were the main topics addressed during the four-days training in the three areas.

During the training a positive evolution of the research group emerged. Not only an increase in technical skills but also a growth in self-confidence emerged along with the ability to quickly understand and put into practice new concepts and tools.


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