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How do we measure the social impact?

This is a very frequent question among the third sector organizations which are asked to evaluate and measure the social impact generated by their activities. In Italy the recent reform of the third sector asks the organizations to: “evaluate, according to the identified objective, the medium and long term effects of their activities on the community. This evaluation can be done using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies


The evaluation of the social impact generated by the organization can be helpful in making its activities more efficient and effective. This is particularly the case when the monitoring and evaluation system (M&E) is integrated into the organization’s strategic processes.

An impact evaluation led by an independent third party is able to show and demonstrate to stakeholders the benefits that the organization creates for society and fits perfectly into the annual social report of the organization.


In order to support the organizations in their process of making a social impact evaluation that benefits their activities, we are organizing three events. The fist will be held on the 24th of January.

The participants will have clarified the main concepts of monitoring and evaluation. They will understand how to build a theory of change, a results chain and a logical framework. They will also learn the most common evaluation methodologies and instruments, how to write a social report and how to integrate the evaluation in it.

The participation is free. The workshop will be held on the 24th of January, at the “Polo Universitario delle Scienze Sociali” (Social Sciences Campus), Via delle Pandette, 32, building D6, aula Bracco, from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm.


  • > Prof. Luca Bagnoli (Full Professor of Accounting in the School of Economics at the University of Florence)
  • Marco Bellucci, Ph.D (Social Economy Unit Coordinator of ARCO)
  • > Enrico Testi, Ph.D (Executive Director of ARCO)
  • > Federico Ciani, Ph.D (Inclusive Development Unit Coordinator of ARCO)
  • > Marta Russo (M&E Specialist at ARCO)

The event is organized in collaboration with the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Florence.

For more information please send an email to info@arcolab.org.



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