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The EHD methodology: evaluating human development in your projects

Why is it important to evalute?

Evaluating the results and the impacts of the activities is fundamental to enhance their quality and effectiveness. The evaluations provide useful information on the social value created by these activities and help organizations in their learning and planning process. External and independent evaluations are one of the best ways to ensure accountability to partners, donors, and stakeholders of the project or program, to ensure the correct use of resources, and assess if the project achieved the expected results. We think that accountability should not be limited to the transparent use of projects’ or programs’ resources or to the evaluation of a few selected indicators of result. For this the reason, we promote evaluations that take into account the multiple dimensions of the Human Development.

This is how we created the EHD Methodoloy which uses a people-centred approach, delivers evidence-based results in a short time, allows to easily communicate complex results and it is low-cost.
How is it possibile? Check out our brochure down below or download it here.

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