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Enhancing the employability of disadvantaged people

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A new project started in February! After A.L.I., the project aiming at enhancing the employability of persons with disabilities, the new project V.A.L.I. has been launched. V.A.L.I. designs and offers services that will improve the employability of disadvantaged people in the Metropolitan City of Florence.

The project will improve the evaluation and case management procedures while increasing the efficiency of the relations between companies and social services. The intervention goes along with the guidelines set by the Tuscany Region aiming at countering poverty.

The activities the partners will carry out include:

  • Evaluation of the employability of 164 social services’ users
  • Designing of a customized plan and strategy to increase the users’ employability
  • Individual and group training
  • Scouting and matching: mapping the companies collaborating with the social services and matching them with the beneficiaries.
  • Tutoring activity
  • Internships for at least 82 users

ARCO will contribute to the implementation of the first activity by creating a questionnaire that the social services will use to evaluate the employability of the users. The questionnaire will be digitalized and integrated with the other tools the social workers use in their daily job.

By allowing the evaluator to collect information that affect employability both at the individual and at the environmental level, the questionnaire represents a step forward in the elaboration of customized strategies. It will be administered by the social workers at the beginning and at the end of the project.

The local social services will coordinate the project, that will be carried out with the joint effort of several local associations, cooperatives and networks.

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