Our consulting services

>Needs analysis

>Drafting proposals

>Strategic planning

>Community engagement

>Monitoring and evaluation

>Impact evaluation

>Social impact evaluation

> Market analysis

> Measuring the organizations’ efficiency



economia sociale>Support to companies on how to design and implement their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies

>Implementation of social accounting and sustainability procedures

>Consultancy on third sector and non-profit organizations

>Support for public policies on social entrepreneurship and social innovation

>Consultancy on how to prepare a business plan for enterprises that address vital societal need








>Diagnostic studies on development, sustainability, and resilience of socio-economic sectors and supply chains

>Supporting policy design for developing and upgrading Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

>Measuring well-being and quality of life at the local level

>Implementing ethical and environmental brands and creating integrated procedures for sustainable supply chains and local systems of production

Helping organizations become compliant with international standards of management and production








Sviluppo Inclusivo>Supporting the identification, analysis, and scaling-up of best practices in policies that address vulnerable groups

>Micro-simulation of the impact of policies, such as social protection schemes and support programs

>Social impact evaluation of the living conditions of disadvantaged groups

>Quantitative and qualitative analysis on vulnerability, resilience, and inclusive processes








Alimenti sostenibili>Analysis of the relationships between local stakeholders and producers

>Implementing systems of production that meet international standards

>Valorization of agri-food production

>Analysis of international markets

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