Strengthening the local economic development in Bolivia

Circular economy, making the case for lifelong learning

cherry supply chain

Baseline assessment of the cherry supply chain in Bulgaria and Turkey

qualità ciliegie libano

Improving the quality of the cherry production in Lebanon

sustainable agricultural development

Evaluating sustainable agricultural supply chains in Bosnia Herzegovina and Albania

Needs assessement oxfam

Needs assessment to foster social inclusion in Tuscany


RB Tex: the new ethical label for the textile industry

children and youth

Our research and consulting activities on children and youth

Impact evaluation ethiopia

Impact evaluation of an agronomic project in Ethiopia

Migrazione sviluppo

Action – research: investigating the link between migration and development

ecotourism development armenia

Action-research for ecotourism development in Armenia

artigianato locale Betlemme

Increasing the sustainability of the local handicraft sector in Bethlehem

piano strategico città metropolitana firenze

Strategic Plan of the Metropolitan City of Florence 2030

inclusion women with disabilities

A participatory approach to inclusion among disabled women in Palestine

inclusione donne disabilità

Research and consultancy for the inclusion of women with disabilities in the Gaza Strip


Action-research for gender mainstreaming development in Senegal

impact evaluation india

Impact evaluation of a Community-Based Rehabilitation program in India

impact evalutuation coffee

Evaluating coffee cooperatives in the Dominican Republic

circular economy partnership

Circular Economy Partnership and urban regeneration

datteri palestina

Improving quality management in a Palestinian date cooperative

sostenibilità produzione di canna da zucchero Mauritius

Needs analysis for sustainable sugarcane production in Mauritius

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