Action Research

for CO-development

Market analysis of social enterprises in Mozambique and Tanzania

Social business and sustainable economies

Duration: June – September 2017

Location: Tanzania and Mozambique

Client: CTM Altromercato

Partner: OIKOS Institute


Tanzania has high poverty levels and most of its people are affected by climate change. The Maasai community is mostly devoted to livestock husbandry, but unfortunately drought and overexploitation of grazing areas are having an adverse effect on their living conditions. The has been made worse by a lack of diversification in the local economy.

 General objective

The main goal of the project is to foster the development of alternative and sustainable economic activities through the creation of female-led micro enterprises that focus on bio-tanning and leather goods production.



Approximately 60,000 people live off subsistence agriculture In the Pemba region of Mozambique, most notably maize, sorghum, rice, beans, and tomatoes. Farming techniques and mechanisation levels are generally inadequate.

General objective

The main goal of the project is to promote local crop varieties and improve farming techniques.

What we did

ARCO carried out two market studies to explore the potential market for (1) leather goods in Tanzania and (2) services in support of small-scale producers in Mozambique. ARCO performed two market analyses to assess the potential demand, customer preferences, and suitable price levels of products and services offered by various social enterprises in Tanzania and Mozambique. Data was gathered via field surveys that were carried out in Tanzania and Mozambique between June and August 2017. Local informants filled out questionnaires and took part in structured interviews as part of this process.

The social enterprises’ economic sustainability was also assessed and a number of recommendations were offered on how to reinforce and/or achieve it.