Sustainable Food Commodities

Agri-food supply that respects individuals and the environment

Many people today are concerned not only with the price, quality, and safety of the food they consume, but also its sustainability. In order to support sustainable production and the delivery of healthy and nutritious foods, we design and implement strategies that focus on the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of supply chains. As a consequence, we explore the various factors that affect the sustainability of food production, identify potential areas of intervention, and put forward proposals that are based on the proactive involvement of producers.

We perform research and provide support services to both decision-makers and the various actors involved in  food production value chains.

Our primary activities include:

✦ Needs analysis

✦Impact evaluation

✦ Analyzing the relationship between local stakeholders and producers

✦ Implementing systems of production that meet international standards

✦ Valorization of agri-food production

✦ Analyzing international markets

✦ Providing training on topics related to sustainable supply chains and the valorization of local agri-food production

Contact us:

Patrizia Pinelli
Scientific Coordinator – University of Florence

Leonardo Borsacchi
Coordinator – PhD in Commodity Sciences

Daniela Tacconi
Researcher – PhD in Commodity Sciences

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