Evaluation on Microcredit in Sardinia

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    From 14th to 17th April, Arco researchers were in Sardinia for the evaluation of the Second call of the “Fondo microcredito FSE, POR-FSE 2007-2013, terzo asse, inclusione sociale”.

    Several interviews have been carried out to better analyse both demand and supply side of the project.
    Specifically, researchers intended to understand beneficiaries’ satisfaction and problems, consultants’ role and support and the managing authority’s (SFIRS) working method and services.
    The gathered data and information will be used to write the Second call evaluation report of the Microcredit ESF program.

    Nine recipients were interviewed in Cagliari and nearby. People were asked to talk about the decision about applying for a microcredit, the influence of the credit on their working situation and the bureaucratic procedure they have to fulfil. Moreover it was highly important understanding consultants’ contribution in the microcredit ESF program, in order to be able to depict which services are needed and thereby included, in next calls.
    Concerning the consultants, they were directly inquired about their activities regarding: the promotion of the microcredit fund, the support in filling the application form and additional services for participants and excluded.

    Finally, SFIRS gave information about the selection process and criteria, the duration of the selection phase and the differences between the first and the second microcredit call.

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