Training of Agents for the development “ASCI”

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An innovative course, already successful in the industrial district of Prato, that enables professionals to promote a culture of legality in Italian and foreign companies.

The research laboratory ARCO plans, leads, coordinates and delivers the training course for “Agents for the Development of Culture and Business – ASCI”, which permits to obtain the technical professional qualification recognised at the community level. At the end of the training, the technician will have acquired competencies on occupational health and safety, environmental management, contracts and tax issues.

The technician turns out to be a key figure for local authorities and associations of category, as part of consultancy services and support offered to businesses on technical legal issues, especially for ethnic entrepreneurship, eliminating, when necessary, the problem of language barriers .

More recent academic publication: Biggeri, M., Borsacchi, L. and Ferrannini, A. (2014), Development and testing of the integrated corporate check-up tool ASCI, Province of Prato, Prato.

For more info: Leonardo Borsacchi – Strategic Unit on Local Development,

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