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    Title: Sustainable Human Development: A new territorial and people-centred perspective
    Authors: Mario Biggeri and Andrea Ferrannini

    Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

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    ‘The book’s perspective is especially relevant, as the world cogitates about the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals agenda, because in the next few decades the synergies between local development and human development will become more salient than ever before.’
    SantoshMehrotra, Institute of Applied Manpower Research, Government of India

    ‘This book is a timely and innovative contribution to bridging the gap between the capability and local development literatures. The authors develop a powerful conceptual framework that is likely to become an essential starting point for policymakers and those committed to promoting sustainable human development within and across regions.’
    David A. Clark, University of Cambridge, UK

    ‘A comprehensive analysis of the conditions for, and the contribution of actors to, sustainable human development at the local level. An important contribution to overcoming the traditional barriers between the social sciences in order to enrich AmartyaSen’s capability approach.’
    Franco Volpi, University of Florence, Italy

    About the book

    Today, the global debate on development is at a crucial turning point. Discussions on post-2015 processes with the UN, as well as on the reform of the EU Cohesion Policy, interact with a heterogeneous combination of diffused global instability and social unrest, long-standing recessions and extraordinary growth processes, together with increasing concentration of economic activity, wealth and power. Within this scenario, the authors stress the importance of dealing with economic competitiveness, social inclusion, environmental protection and poverty reduction at the local level, recognizing the interplay between the evolution of local development systems and the expansion of individual and collective capabilities. Blending Amartya Sen’s people-centred and opportunity-oriented Capability Approach with the literature on place-based local development processes, this book helps in understanding multidimensional paths of local change within a Sustainable Human Development perspective and analysing what means are available to enable human flourishing.

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