Giovani & Social Business: award cerimony

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More than 240 students from 13 classes from different 5 High Schools in the Province of Pistoia attended 5 lessons held by the experts of the Yunus Social Business Centre, and, at the end of the project, presented their own social entrepreneurship idea aimed at the resolution of a social problems for the city they live in.

The competition of social entrepreneurship ideas, organized within the project, awarded several students. The students from the III CE class of the Pacini Institute of Pistoia,  won with their “S.O.S. Taxi” project, which is a transport service for elderly citizens at subsidized prices. The second place was awarded to an all girls project “On the Road” of the III B class from the Social-Economic Salutati Institute of Montecatini Terme, who proposed the installation of a skate park to redevelop the pine forest and develop a center for youth aggregation. The third place was awarded to the girls of the IV A class from the Capitini Institute of Agliana with their project “Fast Forno”, which uses products of short chain and provides jobs for disadvantaged  individuals.

The first place winners from competition were awarded a trip  to Glasgow to meet the innovative local social businesses; the second place will have the chance to visit Napoli accompanied by the Cooperativa Sociale La Paranza of the Rione Sanità; and the third place group will be presented with a voucher for a bookstore of Pistoia.

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