28 ottobre 2015 Carmela

New paradigms of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation 20 years after the Barcelona Declaration

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Barcelona Declaration a meeting on “New Paradigms of Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation 20 years after the Barcelona Declaration” held in Florence last 26th October. The event had been organized by Senate of the Republic and the Regional Council of Tuscany.

The meeting promoted the urgency for all relevant institutions to develop a new paradigm of cooperation among the Mediterranean countries with a new approach based on equal partnership, focused on decentralization and the autonomous regional and local government, so as to promote the socio economic development of Mediterranean countries through the introduction of cross-border cooperation and the adoption of a macro-regional strategy.

The Scientific Director of ARCO Lab Mario Biggeri participated as speaker in the panel “ New paradigms for trade and migration flows between the two shores of the Mediterranean”.

“The new Mediterranean partnership should be based on a clear distinction of means and goals. International trade, foreign direct investments, increased accessibility of markets are all possible means while the final goal is the increased prosperity and the human development of all the persons living on the mediterranean sea” said Biggeri.

“Local Development involves multilevel dynamic processes with a horizontal and vertical dimension and if the mechanisms and instruments are appropriate and applied correctly, it helps to increase joint ownership and implementation”.

Biggeri remarked the importance of fostering economic development and social inclusion, of managing conflicts and natural resources first of all at the local level by exploiting the endogenous resources and potentialities of the different contexts. The Italian economy with its peculiar productive structure shows huge potentialities and positive processes are already ongoing: for example, as highlighted by the 2014 Report of “Osservatorio Permanente sulle relazioni economiche tra Italia e il Mediterraneo”, Italian SMEs increased their presence in Mediterranean area.

“Co-development, co-transformation, multilevel governance and cooperation among territories are the basis to move toward a people-centred growth and development. Local level is where interaction between citizens and institutions are stronger” Biggeri said as conclusion of his presentation.