Radio newscast in Chinese for local entrepreneurs

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“GR Imprenditore Informato” is a weekly radio newscast dedicated to Chinese entrepreneurs in the district of Prato, with information, deadlines and opportunities for a correct company management. Broadcasted by Radio Spin – Prato college radio station, every Sunday at 4 PM, with the patronage of the Municipality of Prato.
The newscast is produced by Radio Spin’s editorial staff together with ARCO Lab and the “Centro InterAzioni del Progetto Prato della Regione Toscana”.
The same team run the bilingual Italian and Chinese website:

This newscast aims to experiment a new approach to drive relevant information to the Chinese community in Prato, to be disseminated not only via radio streaming but also through social networks due to the 3 minutes duration of every weekly edition.

The newscast gives also information about safety in workplace, taxation and mandatory training, press releases by the Municipality of Prato, as well as messages promoting legal standards among ethnic entrepreneurs.
The releases are available on Radio Spin website:
Radio Spin.


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