O-Gap Analysis

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How is it possible to assess the differences of opportunities among people with different social, economic and physical characteristics within the same community? How is it possible, to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of specific development initiatives that aim to expand people’s opportunities?

The O-Gap Analysis is an innovative participatory methodology elaborated by ARCO Lab that aims at rapidly obtaining a systematized picture of the differences of opportunities among people and on discrimination processes in a community (e.g. village, urban neighbourhood, etc.) that affect personal and collective well-being.

The O-Gap analysis is based both on structured focus groups discussions and on a role-playing game. This analysis provides potential policy implications for the design of future development initiatives on social and economic inclusion, as well as data useful for monitoring and evaluation.

Most recent publication on the topic: Biggeri, M., and Ferrannini, A. (2014). “Opportunity Gap Analysis: Procedures and Methods for Applying the Capability Approach in Development Initiatives”, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, Vol. 15, No. 1, 60–78.

For more information: Andrea Ferrannini – Coordinator of the Strategic Unit on Local Development andrea.ferrannini@arcolab.org

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