Organisation of a panel on “Multilevel governance for social inclusion and human development” during the HDCA Conference 2013

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ARCO Lab participated at the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) 2013 Conference in Managua, Nicaragua – 10th-12th September 2013.

In particular, ARCO’s Strategic Unit on Local Development organised, in collaboration within the UNDP ART Global Initiative, the following panel:
“The role of multi-level governance mechanisms for human development and social inclusion”.

The panel was held on the 11th September 2013, with more than 60 participants attending it.
The general aim of this panel was to discuss the role of multilevel governance mechanisms in fostering social inclusion and participation for human development and people’s wellbeing at the local level. In particular, the panel focused both on a) the elaboration of theoretical frameworks able to embrace the multilevel and multidimensional complexity of human development processes of territorial systems; and b) the discussion of different Latin American case-studies where dialogue, synergies and coordination across governance level have been fostered to increase the pertinence, coherence and ultimately the sustainability of human development policies.

In addition, the panel was chaired by Mr. Kodjo Mensah-Abrampa – Policy Adviser Local Governance, DGG/Bureau for Development Policy,  UNDP New York.

Within this panel, Prof. Mario Biggeri and Andrea Ferrannini presented the following paper: “Analysing multi-level governance for sustainable human development at the local level: an evolutionary interpretative framework.”

Panel’s structure and papers

In addition the following paper was presented within a panel on “Approaching Development Projects from a Human Development and Capability Perspective”:
“Opportunity Gap Analysis: Procedures and methods for applying the capability approach in development initiatives”.
By Mario Biggeri and Andrea Ferrannini

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