Paper on the resilience of bergamot farmers in the Province of Reggio Calabria published

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Federico Ciani, Immagine paper federesearcher for ARCO, together with other researchers and consultants of Huggard Consulting, has published a paper about the socio-economic resilience of bergamot farmers in the Province of Reggio Calabria (Italy) on Regions Magazine. The paper collects part of the results of a study committed by the International Fragrance Association. Recognizing the important that the concept of resilience has gained recently, the study aims at analyzing the consequences of the reform of the bergamot value chain governance and the subsequent market stabilization, in the last six years. On the one hand it has been taken into account the reform impact on the profitability of the farm and on its contribution to the household income and the intention to invest further on this activity. On the other hand there has been the attempt to quantify these impact. The analysis has shown that the bergamot production in a stable market is an effective opportunity to diversify income sources of the households involved. At the same time the study has demonstrated that a higher level of resilience is linked to higher economic connectivity, a more intensive level of participation and involvement in social networks and having greater human capital.

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