Prof. Mario Biggeri Keynote Speaker at the International Conference on Child Poverty

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Today, Conferenza Salisburgo BiggeriProf. Mario Biggeri will participate, as a Keynote Speaker, to the International Conference “Child Poverty in Times of Crisis” that takes place in Salzburg, organized by ASAP (Academics Stand Against Poverty) and the Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research of the University of Salzburg. The invitation represents an important recognition of his teaching and research experience in the field of child poverty and wellbeing. His speech will mainly focus on the conceptual elements needed for analyzing child’s poverty and life trajectories as well as the methodological challenges that researchers face nowadays. Panelists include professors from several international universities (LSE, Oxford, Amsterdam, etc) as well as practitioners from the main International Organizations. The aim of the Conference is to discuss how different crises affect child poverty and which are their consequences on children and their families and to show how these actors respond to such events. Finally, suggestions for international, national and local policy designs will be provided.

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