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Vuoi approfondire i nostri temi? Una selezione delle nostre pubblicazioni del 2018!

Ti interessano i nostri temi? Abbiamo preparato per te una selezione delle nostre pubblicazioni più recenti! Clicca sui link per andare all’abstract o direttamente al paper/libro che vuoi! La selezione contiene pubblicazioni, divise per temi, in italiano e in inglese. Enjoy!

Sviluppo Locale

Biggeri, M., Ferrannini, A. and Yang, G. (2018), Recent Trends in China-Africa Aid, FDI and Trade Relations: Implications for the Italian Foreign and Industrial Policy, L’industria – Rivista di economia e politica industriale, 3/2018, pp. 191-215.

Biggeri, M., Ferrannini, A. and Arciprete, C. (2018), Local communities and capability evolution: The core of human development processes, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 19(2): 126-146.

Biggeri, M., Ferrannini, A. and Arciprete, C. (2018), Il metodo partecipativo del focus group strutturato: caratteristiche e applicazione, in M. Santi and D. Di Masi (Eds.), InDEeP University. Un progetto di ricerca partecipata per una Università inclusiva, Padova University Press, Padova.

Borsacchi, L. and Ferrannini, A. (2018), ‘Ecotourism development in the central part of Vayots Dzor (Armenia): A Diagnostic research for local community empowerment’,1 In V. Cantino, F. Culasso and G. Racca (Eds.), Smart Tourism, McGraw-Hill Education, Milano.

Sviluppo Inclusivo

Yousefzadeh, S., Biggeri, M., Arciprete, C., & Haisma, H. (2018). A Capability Approach to Child Growth. Child Indicators Research, 1-21.

Valutazione d’impatto

Biggeri, M., Burchi, F., Ciani, F., & Herrmann, R. (2018), Linking small-scale farmers to the durum wheat value chain in Ethiopia: Assessing the effects on production and wellbeingFood Policy.

Economia Sociale

Testi, E., Biggeri, M., Bellucci, M., During, R., & Persson, H. T. R. (2018), Social entrepreneurship and social innovation : ecosystems for inclusion in Europe (1st ed., pp. 1–12), Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon, UK.

Manetti, G., Bellucci, M., Como, E., & Bagnoli, L. (2018), Motivations for Issuing Social Reports in Italian Voluntary Organizations, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

Manetti, Giacomo; Bellucci, Marco (2018), Stakeholder and legitimacy frameworks as applied to Behavioural Accounting Research, In: Libby Theresa; Thorne Linda. The Routledge Companion to Behavioural Accounting Research, pp. 83-100, Londra: Routledge, ISBN:9781138890664.

Marco Bellucci, Carmela Nitti, Serena Franchi, Enrico Testi, Luca Bagnoli (In corso di stampa), Accounting for social return on investment (SROI): the costs and benefits of family-centred care by the Ronald McDonald House Charities,SOCIAL ENTERPRISE JOURNAL, pp. 1-30, ISSN:1750-8614

Bellucci, M., Manetti G. (2018), Stakeholder engagement and sustainability reporting, Londra: Routledge, ISBN:978-0-8153-7315-5

Economia Circolare

Borsacchi L, Barberis V, Pinelli P (2018), Circular Economy and industrial symbiosis: The role of the municipality of Prato within the EU Urban Agenda Partnership,In: The Organizing Commitee of the ISDRS 2018 Conference. The 24th International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference. Actions for a sustainable world: from theory to practice. Book of papers. ISBN: 978-88-943228-6-6, Messina, Italy, 13-15 June 2018

Alimenti Sostenibili

Pinelli P, Borsacchi L (2018), Quality assessment and producers’ needs analysis for the sustainable development of date palm cultivation in Jericho,In: The Organizing Committee of the ISDRS 2018 Conference. The 24th International Sustainable Development Reserch Society Conference (ISDRS 2018) Book of papers. p. 639-646, ISBN: 978-88-943228-6-6, Messina, Italy, 13-15 June 2018

Borsacchi L., Pinelli P. (2018), Coffee as sustainable commodity: a study to better understand the factors marking coffee quality along the value chain. In: xxviii congresso nazionale di scienze merceologiche, p. 479-484, Laboratorio Phytolab (Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food supplement Technology and Analysis) – DiSIA Università degli Studi di Firenze, ISBN: 978-88-943351-0-1, Firenze, 21-23 Febbraio 2018

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