Published an article about stakeholder engagement through social media by Canadian and American public transportation agencies

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Marco Bellucci,Immagine articolo marco PhD student in accounting at the University of Pisa and coordinator of the Social Economy Uniti at ARCO, Luca Bagnoli and Giacomo Manetti (respectively full professor and associate professor in accounting at the University of Florence and both members of the scientific committee of ARCO) have recently published an article on the well-known journal The American Review of Public Administration (ARPA).
The study analyzes the use of social media, in particular Facebook and Twitter, by a sample of Canadian and American public transport agencies as mechanisms of public information and stakeholder engagement. Through a quantitative analysis of the contents published on Twitter and Facebook by these agencies, it has been observed an actual utilization of social media as mechanisms to spread information about services offered and to engage stakeholders. Moreover some differences have been indentified among different types of social media, regarding the level of interaction among users and with other stakeholders. The study suggests that a broader use of these mechanisms can create new opportunities to improve transparency and, indirectly, also the quality of the services offered by agencies.
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