Social Return On Investments

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How is it possible to measure the social, economic and environmental value produced by an activity, a project or an enterprise, and efficiently communicate it to the stakeholders?

The SROI (Social Return on Investments) method, applied for several years by ARCO lab, permits to measure the social and environmental return of a project, an enterprise or an activity.

The process has a participatory connotation aiming to improve together with stakeholders the managerial processes and to measure the social-environmental return for beneficiaries and community for every euro invested in a project or in an enterprise. In addition, quantifying and communicating this impact gains benefits of accountability, transparency and ability to attract investments.

Most recent academic publication on the topic:
Manetti, G., Bellucci, M., Como, E., & Bagnoli, L. (2015). Investing in Volunteering: Measuring Social Returns of Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Management. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 26(5), 2104–2129.

For more information:
Marco Bellucci, Coordinator of Social Economy Unit,

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