Measurement and study of Socio-Economic Systems Resilience

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The ability of a socio-economic system (being an enterprise, a productive system, a family) to maintain its functions when shocks and various disruptions occur constitute a very relevant asset.

The construction of resilient socio-economic systems is a priority for policy makers, professional associations, foundations, local and international institutions.

The RAP (Resilience Assessment Package) is a set of qualitative and quantitative methodologies that allow the identification of a system’s resilience building strategies in order to understand and reduce its vulnerabilities.

Through measuring and studying the socio-economic system’s resilience, the local actors will be able to understand the priority interventions and where allocate the needed resources.

Most recent publication on the topic:
Working Paper The Resilience of Bergamot Farmers in the Reggio Calabria Province in Southern Italy, F. Ciani, J. Huggard, T. Zervas

For more information: Federico Ciani, Coordinator of Inclusive Development Unit,

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