Signature of the agreement of collaboration between ARCO and Ai.Bi.

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The agreement of collaboration between ARCO and Ai.Bi. – Friends of Children – has been signed in order to jointly elaborate a research study on the typologies of day care for minors in situation of abandonment in Italy and their effect on minors’ wellbeing.

Amici dei Bambini, is an International Humanitarian Organization established in 1986 for the protection of children’s rights. The association’s commitments arise from the recognition of the central role of the child and the right of each child to live, to grow-up and to be educated inside his/her own family in order to have the concrete possibility of coming to a better state in social life. In particular, Ai.Bi.’s commitments are: to support a mother and / or a father, in whatever part of the world they live, in order that they may be able to raise and bring up their own child; to operate and to intervene to make it possible for an abandoned minor to find the love of a family anywhere and as soon as possible; to inform and raise the awareness of the civil society towards the problems of minors with difficulties in their family, thereby taking up due responsibility in the promotion of minors’ rights and of a welcoming culture.

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