Social Business for 0 Hunger

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Social Business for Zero Hunger is a call to action by Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus to address the global challenges of hunger and poverty.
The launch event of the call to action will be under the Patronage of UN- FAO (in Rome, 10th of May 2016) and will bring together representatives from governments, the private sector, multilateral organizations, civil society, academia and crisis-affected communities and citizens. All participants will be involved in answering one question: how can we act together to create development and eradicate hunger and poverty through Social Business?
Social Business Italia has the aim of coordinating and supporting the efforts of all the actors interested in joining the call to action.


ARCO researchers and YSBCUF team will coordinate 4 workshops: 4 elements (water, fire, air, earth) for a Social business

Social business & water
Expert: Pandi Sdruli, CIHEAM Bari Senior scientist ; Facilitator: Andrea Ferrannini (YSBCUF)

Social business & energy
Expert: Marino Berton, Direttore Associazione italiana energia da legno; Facilitator: Marco Bellucci (YSBCUF)

Social business & climate change
Expert: Mario Cucinella, Architect, founder of SOS school; Facilitator: Federico Ciani (YSBCUF)

Social business & agriculture
Expert: Fabio Moschella, IGP President; Facilitator: Leonardo Borsacchi (YSBCUF)

The event is organized by Social Business Italia, Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence, CIA Agricoltori Italiani, Grameen Italia Foundation, ARCO (Action Research for CO-development), under the Patronage of UN-FAO


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