Social Business for Zero Hunger

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Schermata 2016-05-13 alle 15.10.28Rome, 10th May 2016
The Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence has co-organized the event that has taken place at UNFAO the 10th of May, with the title Social Business for Zero Hunger. Indeed the issue of the call to action is to tackle the global problems of hunger and poverty, answering the question “How can we act together to create development and eradicate hunger and poverty through Social Business?”.
Several prominent representatives participated to the event, first among everyone the Nobel Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank, creator of the modern microcredit and most important promoter of Social Business. After the institutional greetings by UNFAO Director General José Graziano Da Silva, Italian Ministry of Agriculture Martina, Hon. Sereni, Hon. Scalfarotto and CIA (Italian Confederation of Farmers) President Scanavino, the discussion moved on the issue of a potential union between food industries and Social Business for a common fight against hunger. In this first panel, besides Prof. Yunus, some important representatives of big national and global companies, including Granarolo, Mars, Ferrero, Federalimentare, McCain, have made their contribution.
The second part of the plenary was focused on how the traditional banking system can support the creation and development of Social Businesses. High-profile representatives of financial institutions such as Unipol, Mastercard, Banca Etica and Credit Agricole have participated in the panel.
In the afternoon the Yunus Social Business University of Florence facilitated four workshops, stimulating creative ideas of Social Business linked to the problems of energy sustainability, water accessibility, sustainable agriculture and reduction of climate change causes.
More than 200 people amongst important international representatives, companies and civil society have taken part in the event and workshops and several suggestions have confirmed the prominent role that Social Business can and should have nowadays.

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