Territorial Diagnostics

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How is it possible to analyse the socio-economic characteristics, developmental potentials and the structural barriers of a specific territory?

Through participatory methodologies and processes of multilevel holistic analysis on economic, social and environmental characteristics of a territory, ARCO lab provides the possibility to undertake diagnostic studies on the existing opportunities and structural barriers for local development, the main territorial value chains and the possible evolutions of territorial systems.

The territorial diagnostic provides relevant information based on the local context to support the identification of local development policies and projects, linked with the most recent evolutions of the academic and scientific international debate.

Most recent publication on the topic: Biggeri, M., Ciani, F. and Ferrannini, A. (2014). “Assessing aid effectiveness within a multilevel governance perspective: the case of a value chains project in rural Ethiopia”, paper presented at the 14th EADI General Conference, 23-26 June 2014, Bonn.

For more information: Andrea Ferrannini – Coordinator of the Strategic Unit on Local Development andrea.ferrannini@arcolab.org

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