Two papers presented at the 25th annual EAEPE Conference

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Prof. Mario Biggeri and Mr. Andrea Ferrannini attended the 25th Annual EAEPE Conference 2013, which was held at Université Paris Nord (University of Paris 13, Campus Bobigny), Paris, France, from 7 to 9 November 2013.

They presented the following papers:
– ‘Sustainable human development at the local level: the evolution of Chinese TVEs’
Authors: Mario Biggeri and Andrea Ferrannini
Download the abstract:

– ‘Reconciling Buen Vivir and Human Development? A meso-level perspective’
Authors: Mario Biggeri and Andrea Ferrannini
Download the abstract:

The conference theme “Beyond Deindustrialisation: The Future of Industries” focused on the state and future of industries in Europe, with a special emphasis on policy.

The conference was a platform for the exchange of ideas and results from both theoretical and empirical research on institutional change and policy design at all levels of implementation. It provided an echo and fed all the current debates on possible ways of promoting a new future for industries.

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  1. Michael Jennewein
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    Dear Mr. Biggeri and Mr. Ferranini,
    I am a student and doing research on the possible compatibility of Buen Vivir and contemporary well-being economics as well as heterodox economics (mainly ecological economics and evolutionary economics). I am interested in both the potential and limitations of a possible reconciliation.

    In the course of that I stumbled upon your interesting working paper “‘Reconciling Buen Vivir and Human Development? A meso-level perspective’”. Since I could not find out where the full paper was published I wondered whether it is possible to get direct access. If it was published in a journal I would appreciate if you could provide me with this information.

    If you can recommend any other working papers or other publication on the topic, I happily take those into consideration.

    Best regards,
    Michael Jennewein
    University of Bayreuth


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