Evaluating Human Development

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How is it possible to understand and disseminate the results of projects and programs in terms of human development?

The EHD (Evaluating Human Development) methodology developed by ARCO is able to analyse the results of projects and programs in terms of human development in a short time and with reasonable costs.

Evaluating consistently with the human development approach means to take into account the various aspects of daily life, including health, personal and social relationship, economic well being; in addition, it provides a holistic view of the actions’ actual impact.

The evaluation’s outputs represent a useful support for decision-making, as well as being swiftly and easily communicable to stakeholders.

For a more detailed explanation of the methodology, please see: Brochure EHD.

Recent projects:
Evaluation of a social and health support project in Kiev implemented by Soleterre

Report: Valutazione dell’impatto sociale del Programma per l’Oncologia Pediatrica di Soleterre ONLUS a Kiev – Ucraina
Authors: Mario Biggeri, Cristina Cornelli, Andrea Membretti and Enrico Testi

For more information: Enrico Testi, Direttore Esecutivo ARCO, enrico.testi@pin.unifi.it

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