World café about disability and employability: the ICF framework for work inclusion for people with disabilities

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foto world cafèOn Monday 14th of November in our office in Prato, we had a productive meeting with 43 professionals of the local social and health system from the areas of Florence, Prato, Pistoia, Empoli and nearby districts. With the World café methodology, we discussed the main feature of the disability evaluation form we are working on for the POR FSE project on work inclusion for people with disabilities.
Adopting the ICF framework, we selected the domains that let us have a holistic representation of the person, that takes into consideration the social aspects of disability and enhances the individual functioning in order to find the best opportunity of job inclusion.
We discussed also the structure of the future form and we tried to identify the dimensions of employability that are relevant for people with disabilities.
The direct participation of professionals gave us important information to create a tool that satisfies the user needs, on one hand simplifying and shortening the form, and on the other keeping the right amount of completeness to improve the inclusion process of disabled people in the job world.

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