Yunus Social Business Centre partner of the project Riciclando S’impara

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The Yunus Social Business Centre  of the University of Florence is one of the partners of the project “Riciclando S’impara” started in October 2014. The project, funded by the Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, is carried on by Synthesis Onlus, a no-profit Association located in Pistoia, and Legambiente Pistoia.

Throughout this project, the leading proponent and the partners aim to create a training path for 12 people, both women and men, that live in situation of vulnerability and social exclusion. During this path, beneficiaries could have the opportunity to develop their personal skills, build a network with several local subjects involved in social and productive activities and to learn how to create a microenterprise operating in the field of home appliances repair and reuse.

In this way, the project aims at giving those 12 persons new occupational chances in the field of environmental conservation and a solution to their social exclusion and unemployment though self-entrepreneurship.

The project consists of several laboratories during which beneficiaries shall acquire practical abilities, knowledge about recycling and reuse, and about cooperation and social business in order to enable the birth of new microenterprises. These last workshops will be held by the Centre. The first of these two hours’ workshops will focus on the Italian legal framework about social business, during the second one beneficiaries will meet a local social entrepreneur, and, during the last two of them, participants will work at the design of a social business idea. The project will last 12 months.

For more info or details please mail to Azzurra Pirami

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