call for expert SB-Agroin senegal tHiès esperto in micro-finanza micro-finance
Wednesday June 3rd, 2020 ARCO LAB

Appel pour un/e exert/e en micro-finance pour le projet SB-Agroin au Sénégal

Pour le projet triennal « Social business et développement innovant de la filière agro-industrielle de la Région de Thiès (SB-AGROIN) » financé par l’Agence Italienne  pour la Coopération au Développent (AICS), a démarré en novembre 2019. Le projet est promu par ASeS (chef de fil), en partenariat avec les ONG Green Sénégal, JËF, l’Institut Sénégalais [...]

povertà capability approach, poverty, università ricerca research mario biggeri incontri con la città
Thursday May 14th, 2020 ARCO LAB

The dynamics of poverty in the world, Mario Biggeri at Incontri con la Città

In recent years, the world economic system has welcomed rich people but has pushed away poors. The pecular times we are living, offer the opportunity to challenge this system and transform the unsustainable development model. These considerations were the starting point of the meeting "Increasingly rich, increasingly poor: the analysis of the dynamics of poverty [...]

virtual focus group discussion Sogni e Bisogni metodi partecipativi ricerca participatory methods
Monday April 27th, 2020 ARCO LAB

Virtual Focus Group Discussion: participatory methods at times of Coronavirus

The restrictive measures imposed by the COVID-19 emergency, which exploded while the Monitoring & Evaluation and Impact Assessment Unit was engaged in data collection for some projects in Italy and abroad, made it necessary to re-consider evaluation strategies to respond to changing needs of field. Determined not to give up the participatory approach - which [...]

valutazione M&£ monitoraggio monitoring vantaggi key benefits
Thursday March 26th, 2020 ARCO LAB

5 key benefits of external evaluation for cooperation and development projects

ARCO Research Center is personally committed in spreading the culture of evaluation. The reason is simple: evaluation is the only way to understand which interventions really work and why! I have learned that success depends on knowing what works  Bill Gates Thanks to the evaluation, organizations can focus their efforts - and resources - on [...]

rigenerazione degli spazi e degli edifici urbani handbook on sustainable and circular re use of sace and buildings circular economy EU
Thursday March 5th, 2020 ARCO LAB

Regeneration of urban spaces and buildings, a new European publication!

Cities play an essential role in the transition to the Circular Economy. Indeed, it is increasingly necessary to develop innovative policies for the reduction of energy consumption, emissions and waste and for their management. The Handbook on the Sustainable & Circular Re-Use of Spaces and Buildings, written by the members of the Partnership of the [...]

formazione valutazione di impatto dei progetti discussione dati quantitativi dati qualitativi con i bambini arco devianza minorile
Thursday February 27th, 2020 ARCO LAB

Impact evaluation of the projects promoted by the Fund to contrast educational poverty of minors

In 2018, ARCO's Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Evaluation has been chosen as external evaluator in 5 projects promoted by the Fund to contrast educational poverty of minors, managed by the social business Con i Bambini. Involved in 6 regional and national projects,  Reserachers have developed and implemented, for esach, specific impact evaluation plans. An experience [...]

formazione analisi spaziali GIS cartografia digitale sviluppo cooperazione progetti arco Research
Wednesday February 19th, 2020 ARCO LAB

Spatial analysis, GIS and digital cartography: a training to integrate ARCO’s services

Spatial analysis have become increasingly important in development projects due to their ability to transform geographic data into visual representations. With Geo-spatial analysis we aim at defining a set of methodologies, tools and data through which it is possible to offer a cartographic representation of spatial phenomena, and to perform statistical analysis onto data having [...]

resilienza urbana urban resilience SDG framework sviluppo sostenibile sviluppo development arco
Wednesday February 12th, 2020 ARCO LAB

Urban resilience: the role of companies disclosures from SDG perspective

A resilient city is a sustainable network of physical systems and human communities that is built for strength and flexibility, rather than brittleness and fragility. The concept of urban resilience has recently begun to span from academic debates to other, more loosely connected, fields such as social and economic policies related to security, risk and [...]

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