IF inserimetno lavorativo job placement
Friday November 13th, 2020 ARCO LAB

ICF language, towards a structured system of job placement for disadvantaged persons

Between October and November 2020, Regione Toscana together with ANCI Toscana promoted the project "Trainings for Accessible Communities". The project aims to create and implement free training courses to deepen and spread greater attention to accessibility in working environments. The training was directed in particular at managers and officials of Tuscan municipalities in the social, [...]

gender mainstreaming budgetig bilancio di genere Emilia Romagna ricerca arco sviluppo inclusivo inclusive development
Monday November 9th, 2020 ARCO LAB

Gender Budgeting and participatory methods: ARCO’s contribution to Regione Emilia-Romagna guidelines

Regione Emilia Romagna recently published its “Guidelines for Gender Budgeting” to invite local municipalities to focus on a deeper analysis of their policies in terms of differentiated impact on women and men. These Guidelines have been inspired by the Well-Being BGbe approach and Martha Nussbaum and Amartya Sen’s Human Development Paradigm. The presented process for [...]

formazione valutazione di impatto dei progetti discussione dati quantitativi dati qualitativi con i bambini arco devianza minorile
Tuesday October 27th, 2020 ARCO LAB

Impact evaluation of the projects promoted by the Fund to contrast educational poverty of minors

In 2018, ARCO's Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Evaluation has been chosen as external evaluator in 5 projects promoted by the Fund to contrast educational poverty of minors, managed by the social business Con i Bambini. Involved in 6 regional and national projects,  Reserachers have developed and implemented, for esach, specific impact evaluation plans. An experience [...]

social board reddito inclusione REI PON progetto ricerca analisi sviluppo inclusivo inclusive development
Tuesday October 13th, 2020 ARCO LAB

Social Board Model: from users to facilitators through Emancipatory Research

In October 2020, a small group of beneficiaries of REI, Inclusion's Income, has been involved by the Inclusive Development Unit in an Emancipatory Research process. The research group is made of women, who use Prato's Social Services. The objective of this process is threefold: first, it will allow users to share their experience about the [...]

assicurazione sanitaria su base comunitaria communitary health insurance sviluppo inclusivo inclusive development arco ricerca research
Monday October 12th, 2020 ARCO LAB

Community Health Insurance, fostering access to health care in low and middle income countries

Community health insurance (CHI) aims to provide financial protection and facilitate health care access among poor rural populations. However, the full development of this scheme is hampered by multiple operational challenges. There is a need to undertake systematic feasibility studies, which are present in the literature, but they usually do not provide a comprehensive analysis [...]

localizzazione degli SDGs localization local development covid 19 recovery ripresa arco arcolab
Friday October 2nd, 2020 ARCO LAB

SDGs localization: opportunities and challenges in the post Covid19 scenario in Italy

For the 75th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly, the third U20 in Riyadh and on the eve of the Decade for Action, the ten years that separate us from the goal of the 2030 Agenda, we are facing numerous challenges, but also numerous opportunities. The Covid 19 emergency had serious consequences from an [...]

ricerca innovazione R&I independent expert report
Thursday September 24th, 2020 ARCO LAB

R&I policy for sustainable development, a road map for policymakers

Research and Innovation policy plays a pivotal role for the pursuit of and the transition towards sustainable development in economic, social and environmental terms.Within the global debate on sustainable development, a new framing on R&I for transformative change has been gaining momentum. To understand to what extent and how R&I policy in the post- COVID [...]

RI DAys research and innovation ricerca innovazione sostenibilità sustainability Unione Europea EU Commissione COmmission

EU R&I Days: Research and Innovation for transition to sustainability

On September 24th Mario Biggeri, Scientific Director of ARCO, participated as a panelist to the open session “Towards a Champions League for Transition to Sustainability” organized by the DG for Research & Innovation of the European Commission for the  2020 European Research and Innovation Days. In 2019, R&I Days session on “Re-defining prosperity’’ took stock [...]