Monday November 25th, 2019 ARCO LAB

Training in Monitoring and Evaluation for public officers in Palestine

formazione in monitoraggio e valutazione nuovo master per dipendenti pubblici dei ministeri

ARCO’s experts in Monitoring and Evaluation will teach Monitoring and Evaluation in the three days training  at the University of Bethlehem. To deepen and learn all the secrets of monitoring and evaluation, the Palestinian Pubic Finance Institute, the University of Bethlehem and VIS – International Volunteering for Development promote a formation for employees of Palestinian Ministries. The course is designed to cover those sectors that are not part of traditional education in Palestine and therefore intend to provide an opportunity for both theoretical and practical training for Palestinian cadres. By training local counterparts in international cooperation, the course aims to improve the impact of local initiatives.

The training focuses on the different Monitoring and Evaluation methodologies in order to strengthen the capacities of public employees in the project evaluation phase. At the end of the course, participants will have acquired more knowledge about the purpose of the evaluation, about strategies to build effective monitoring and evaluation systems and will be able to use innovative evaluation methodologies.

The course is divided into lectures and workshops, with moments of open discussion and will take place over 3 days. Each day will address a specific topic. The first day will be dedicated to the general presentation of the concept of monitoring and evaluation, its core principles,  the theory of change, the definition of indicators and the different practical ways to carry out monitoring and evaluation. This will be followed by an in-depth study on the practical implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems and finally a session will be dedicated to data collection methodologies and results analysis.

The training is part of VIS activity in Palestine for the promotion of vocational training activities aimed at young people in a context where difficulties have limited the impact of education. In addition to training, VIS is active in implementing projects with the aim of strengthening local craftsmanship and promoting culture.