Wednesday December 11th, 2019 ARCO LAB

Circular Economy goes on air on Radio SPIN!

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On the radio of the University of Florence we will talk about urban regeneration and forestation, reuse of industrial waste water for agricultural purposes and the many commitments that the city of Prato has taken both at national and European level to promote sustainability and the circular economy! Valerio Barberis, Councilor of the Municipality of Prato, and Leonardo Borsacchi, Researcher of ARCO and PIN University Campus of the City of Prato, have been interviewed durang a special episode of the programme AdattaMenti of Radio Zainet, created by Riccardo Tagliati and Roberta Cristofori.

Valerio Barberis, for the Municipality of Prato, and Leonardo Borsacchi, as technician and ARCO and PIN expert on Circular Economy, took part between 2018 and 2019 in the European Union Urban Agenda for Circular Economy. Together with 5 other partner cities, and with the collaboration of GIDA technician, Prato’s the water purification plants, they have carried out a review of the European legislation on the reuse of industrial waste water  for agricultural purposes.

The episode went on air on Thursday December 12th on the radio frequency FM 88.3 in Florence, Prato and Pistia and is now available among Radio Zainet’s podcasts.

To allow the transition, it is necessary to overcome regulatory barriers, make resources available and increase awareness at all levels of society.
The local urban dimension is where the transition process can be favored: the inhabited area mixes with production and commercial activities and services, public green areas can alternate with areas intended for urban agriculture. Within this context, local decision makers must promote innovation, regeneration and cohesion policies.

AdattaMenti is a radio programme on environmental transformations and the effects that these produce on our lifestyle, on sustainability and cooperation. Adattamenti is a place to think about the causes and effects of “climate change” and offers new points of view and perspectives to avoid destroying our environment. It is broadcasted from Monday to Friday from 10 to 12 on FM 88.3 (Florence, Prato, Pistoia), on the rest of the national territory on radios locally connected and in live web streaming also on Radio Spin.

Radio SPIN was founded in 2010 by students, researchers and employees of the University Center of Prato. For the last 4  years it has played a role of “local public service” in the city. In addition to entertainment programmes made by and for University students, Radio SPIN, thanks to its position in the historic center of the city, has specialized in the live broadcasting of conferences, seminars and events organized by the main Prato institutions and bodies.

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