VINIL – employability assessment for persons with disabilities

Title Employability assessment for the job placement of people with disabilities in Tuscany

Duration March 2021 – December 2022

Partners Health Society/District of Tuscany, Social Cooperatives involved in job placement

Funding Tuscany Region, European Social Fund (ESF)


The VINIL file is part of the two consecutive editions of the Tuscany Region’s public notice “Services to accompany disabled and vulnerable people to work”, an integral part of the 2014-2020 POR FSE programming.

The regional intervention finances local projects to be implemented in public-private partnerships that focus on the employment inclusion of people with disabilities and/or in charge of mental health services.

General Objective

The Inclusive Development Unit developed the VINIL form in order to assess the degree of employability for job placement of persons with disabilities in different contexts and projects.

Our contribution

The assessment form VINIL is a tool based on the ICF (International Classification of Functionings) language and was co-designed and co-created thanks to a participatory process that involved, starting from 2016, more than 100 operators including social workers, educators, Third Sector professionals, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and occupational physicians of the various Tuscan Health Companies and district areas.

VINIL 2021 is currently used in 11 regional projects, more than 400 operators and workers are involved for a total of more than 900 completed forms. The tool does not focus on the person’s limitations but aims at constructing an employability profile that is multidimensional and also takes into account strengths and potential.

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