Thursday May 14th, 2020 ARCO LAB

The dynamics of poverty in the world, Mario Biggeri at Incontri con la Città

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In recent years, the world economic system has welcomed rich people but has pushed away poors. The pecular times we are living, offer the opportunity to challenge this system and transform the unsustainable development model. These considerations were the starting point of the meeting “Increasingly rich, increasingly poor: the analysis of the dynamics of poverty in the world” by Mario Biggeri, guest of the first “Incontri con la Città” 2020 organized by the University of Florence.

We are wealthier…but poverty is still growing. Wealth and poverty, altough realted to income they don’t depend only on it. Individual wealth depends als0 on the quality of goods, services, energy, information, education and credit, etc. to which it has acccess. Wealth and poverty are more complicated and multidimensionale concepts and they both have an impact on people well-being based on their characteristics, the place they live and their social relationships.

Distinguishing between finalities and means is fundamental. This distinction shows that there is more to wealth than its material dimension, there also are two relational and immaterial dimensions. Even though they largely neglcted by conventional analysis, they should become a relevant part of our vision of wealth, if we want to achieve an integrated sustainable human development.

The meeting focused on these crucial concepts, analyzed through the lens of the Capability Approach – elaborated by Nobel Prize for Economics Laureate Amartya Sen – and compared with several real examples that Mario Biggeri studied throughout the world.

“Incontri con la Città” is a cycle of public meetings organized by the University of Florence to strengthen the relationship between the institution and citizen. Each meeting deepens a specific topic relevant to both academic research and the city through the experience of Researchers and Professors and an open discussion with participants.

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