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Local Development


Elisa Marrocu

Elisa Marrocu is a researcher and development professional whose research activities focus on the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals and territorial analysis for sustainable development and the Agenda 2030.

Elisa has conducted research projects on the sustainability of territories, studies on the positioning of cities and metropolitan areas with respect to the Sustainable Development Goals, and analysis of local planning tools for sustainability. She is also passionate about using GIS tools for social research and qualitative data analysis.

She holds a master’s degree in Economics and Development from the University of Florence, with a thesis entitled “Utilizing the Localization of SDGs as a Framework for Post-Covid19 Recovery: A Qualitative Analysis of Metropolitan Cities in Italy.” Prior to that, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Languages, Markets, and Cultures of Asia from the University of Bologna.

Through her professional experience and academic background, Elisa has a strong expertise in the field of sustainable development, combining quantitative and qualitative methodologies to address socio-economic challenges.


Local Development - Researcher

Mail: elisa.marrocu[at]arcolab.org