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Developing ecotourism in Armenia

ecoturismo Armenia ecotourism devlopment sviluppo Vayots Dzor

Promoting the development of ecotourism and renewable energy in the Vayots Dzor region (Armenia), by supporting SMEs and especially accommodation facilities.

This is the objective of the AREVADZOR project (Enhancing SME competitiveness through promotion and wider use of sustainable innovative technologies), implemented by PIN, ARCO and the Regional Tourism Centre of Vayots Dzor (Armenia).

ARCO Researchers missions to Armenia aimed at coordinating and training the local staff on territorial marketing strategies and visual communication. They also worked on the creation of ecotourism routes and on the production of a tourist guide to promote the Armenian cultural and landscape heritage. In addition to the identified routes, the tourist guide also includes other information on the rural and mountain areas of Vayots Dzor.


The project drew the attention of the new Governor of the Province of Vayots Dzor, Aragatz Saghatelyan, who showed great interest in the analysis of tourist trends and routes, and in the activities carried out so far to support the accommodation facilities of the area.

Below a few pictures of the natural wonders of the Vayots Dzor Region!

The project is co-funded by the European Union under the “Pilot Regional Development Program (PRDP-Armenia)” and Armenia’s Ministry of Territorial Administration.

Read more on the work to develop the ectouristic guide of the Vayots Dzor

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