Action Research for co-development

Action research constitutes ARCO’s core activity. Why “action”? We strongly believe that one of the main objectives of research is to have a positive impact on the well-being of society by affecting various policies and actions. We handle all phases of the research process — from methodology development and data collection to policy recommendations and the presentation of results.

Tools and approaches

We use both quantitative and qualitative methods. We often adopt a participatory approach that actively involves the beneficiaries.

The participatory approach allows us to achieve optimal results and plan interventions and activities that best meet the needs of beneficiaries.

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Theoretical background

Our work is inspired by the Capability Approach. This specific perspective was developed by the Economic Sciences Nobel Prize laureate Amartya Sen, and represents the theorical foundation of  sustainable human development.

This approach holds that the well-being of individuals is one of the main objectives of socio-economic development. The capability approach does not simply focus on wealth and GDP as measures of well-being and development, but rather emphasizes capabilities and opportunities —what people can do with the resources they have.

Applying the capabilities approach to our activities allows us to adopt a multidimensional perspective that takes into account cultural, social, and economic dynamics.