Social Economy

Third sector, social businesses and social innovation


Third sector activities, cooperatives, social entrepreneurship, and social innovation are among the main issues affecting debates over public policy and economics across the globe.

In the field of social economy, we carry out research and consulting activities on a wide range of topics, including corporate sustainability, social and environmental accounting procedures, the role of non-profit and third sector actors, volunteering, social enterprises, and social innovation. We provide the following services:

♦ Support to companies on how to design and implement their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies

♦ Implementation of social accounting and sustainability procedures

♦ Consultancy and research on third sector and non-profit organizations

♦ Support for public policies on social entrepreneurship and social innovation

♦ Training and consultancy on how to prepare a business plan for enterprises that address vital societal needs

Non financial reporting

Non financial reporting tools allow stakeholders to get a much wider picture of organizations than from the traditional financial reports. They inform on the environmental, economic, and social impacts generated by an organization or a company’s everyday activities, presents the organization’s values and governance model and demonstrates its sustainability strategy.

The social economy has assumed a prominent place in ARCO’s activities since its founding. Our headquarters at PIN (Polo Universitario Città di Prato) are now known as the Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence (YSBCUF). The YSBCUF is the first organization accredited by the Yunus Centre of Dhaka, which was founded by Nobel peace prize laureate Muhammad Yunus.

ARCO supports the Yunus Social Business Centre in the development and implementation of Social Business City Programs: long-term actions involving promoting and supporting social enterprises at the local level.

Contact us:

Carmela Nitti

Social Economy Unit Coordinator